Got Your Soul

by Birthdays

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Living small in the big city.


released August 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Birthdays San Francisco, California

Birthdays: Everyone has one. You can relate.

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Track Name: It's This
It’s the guilty feeling when youre on drugs
Its someone you barely know but you think youre in love
Its driving through a rainbow
When you leave san Francisco
Its violating strangers privacy staring into cars
It’s spending your paycheck mostly at bars
It’s pretending I can sing and foolishly playing guitar
It’s being able to see the moon but never any stars
And you only ask me questions
Just to be polite, just to be polite
You come in and out for something interesting
Just in case I might, no just a boring life
Just a waste of time
So drive away your mouth from my ears
And waste a day so I can think clearly
Its feeling like shit for every single opportunity missed
Because kissing you is still on my bucket list
Youre still at the age where you think the world can be saved
It’s thinking of songs to put on your mix
On top of countless little gifts
In hopes that things will then be fixed
And she asked why do you always bring me gifts
don’t get me wrong I love and appreciate it
Because giving time to someone is the greatest gift to give and you always share yours with me
So the least I could do is bring you things to make you happy
it’s wanting to act brave not so reserved not so cautious
I should have punched him in his mouth, I feel nautious
It’s having to argue all night I feel exauhsted
Its learning to say no, if you say so
It’s learning its learning its learning its learning its learning to let go
So drive away your mouth from my ears
And waste a day so I can think clearly
Track Name: The Leaves, Trees, Creek, Street
Do you think anyone noticed?
I don’t want anyone to know about this
I used to look to you for the answer
Now I guess it doesn’t matter
I told myself
Never write another song about her
And goddamn myself if I go back on my word
You don’t raise your head
You don’t look up to me
You recognize where you been
By the shoes on peoples feet
By the crumpled leaves
By the roots from trees
By the cracks in the street
By the rocks in the creek
Track Name: Ballad of No Name
I walk to the bathroom, I mean I mostly just stumble
I reach for my phone but I mostly just fumble
But I feel proud, yeah all my fears crumble
Though when I start to talk I mostly just mumble

Don’t listen to my words, take it in all as noise
Forget what I say when I drink with the boys
And baby I don’t mean it when I raise my voice
It’s just I feel like I don’t have a choice

Its then that I notice that awful mirror
Reflecting back at me so many wasted years
I was blinded by comfort when I was really full of fear
I poured out my drink like I poured out my tears

I fell to the floor when I saw the pain I resembled
I felt so cold that I began to tremble

So I crawl off to bed and think how quietly you breathe
How perfect you are when you are asleep
When I lay close I can hear you dream
Of the most wonderful, loveliest things

But then like my pride you left in the morning
Leaving me to suffer without a warning
Track Name: All The Same
Wont you tell me why I bother
Holding onto what needs no foster
i mean I saw your fucking father
look like I wasn’t worth a dollar
I want to leave to the country
Any place its all the same to me
Big and beautiful and free
Where no one knows my name

On the corner shop
Up the block
I sit and stop
Thinking I am so lonesome
Track Name: Pretend
I took some ectasy
Nothing made sense to me
That song came on again
The one by vampire weekend
That goes how am I supposed to pretend
I never want to see you again

Youre on my shit list
Ask for forgiveness
Cause god as my witness
I wont stop till I finish this

I feel ants crawl on my neck
They aint really there, but I always check
I hate the feeling of bugs, crawling on my skin
I get it whenever I pretend
I never want to see you again
Track Name: Malibu Strawberry-Kiwi Champagne
Two years of your life
Completed in one night
Im wondering why
Why did I even go out that night
Vodka ice tea is alright
But it cant kill the pain
Like Malibu strawberry kiwi champagne
And if its all just the same
Do you even remember my name?
Im the guy who drove you home
Or at least a couple of blocks
Before I got stopped by the cops
They asked who are my friends
I don’t know people I just met
And they took me with them and
Ill probably never meet you again
Ive spent the whole time hallucinating
Shaking, taking, faking, something
Youre gone youre gone youre gone
Now im feeling like a child
Curled up in a ball
With my head on the wall
Trying to sleep on the floor
No shoes no nothing at all
I forgot how to be romantic
Got to excited got too frantic
Thought It’d be hypnotic
If I acted quixotic
Turned out being kinda erotic
Smiled kissed me idiotic
And even though you danced with me
Your eyes said apathy
And even though you sleep with me
Your body seemed empty
And if I see you hand in hand
With another man
Well then I would understand
Love is lost
I finally paid the cost
It all came coming back
Like a swing of a baseball bat
It knocked me flat
I been gone so long
I got no reason to come back
Track Name: Everything
I had a bottle
You had a cup
I asked if you wanted to share
You said fill her up
So we talked but talk is cheap
We just met how come you don’t love me
Oh you already have a boy friend
Oh you just want to be good friends
Baby I already have a bunch of friends
But I know how this conversation ends
I’ll never talk to you again
Your love was all just counterfeit
I think it’s the biggest crime you could commit
Why did you have to say hi
Why couldn’t you just let me live my life
Why couldn’t you have stayed a memory
Now you are my worst enemy

Every time I make a huge mistake
Everything I wish I did not say
Every time I waste another day
I think why it had to be this way

I can probably say
Anything I want to say
Because you wont listen anyway
And I guess that that’s okay
And if I feel like yelling
Letters that are spelling
How f-u-c-k-e-d u-p
Everything I do is
Well who would give a shit
Cause ill be driving off a bridge
And those final seconds
Will feel like forever like inception
Cause ill be thinking what have I done
To create such a mess

I do not know what im searching for
But its certainly not underneath the bottles on the floor

His drawer filled with your jewelry
Like trophies of his tom foolery
Did you really think he’d call
You thought he’d call?
Here’s my suspicion
Insight of my intuition
He doesn’t care at all
Track Name: All Girls
All these girls don’t even compare
And no it’s not enough to know that you still care
Is it really so unfair that I need you to be there
So when you ask how are you doin?
I say fine but oh my life is ruined
I would tell you the truth
If I had the brave
I wish I was like you
Less afraid
But as I stated
When shit gets too complicated
Im left feeling oh so jaded
I lose my confidence
I just become incompetent
The intensity of the entity
Keeping me down with its incomprehensible density
don’t you see?
I was just as confused as you when you used me
Till I met you I never knew jealousy
You like it when im confused
So you can be there for my self abuse
And critic the things I choose to do