Never Again

by Birthdays

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you and your low-fi lover driving at night not speaking because it's a long road ahead and it's late and there is no service on this familiar road that neither of you have been on. you think you can see stars if you turn the headlights off. you're happy here. your hand is being kissed. "what are you thinking about?" it all comes back like a pair of headlights flashing in your direction.


released May 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Birthdays San Francisco, California

Birthdays: Everyone has one. You can relate.

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Track Name: Nothing Lately
Cause you’re incredible
And I am flexible
No this is unacceptable
You were always dependable
For being delectable
Now just insensible
This is unbearable
This is terrible

I haven’t felt much of anything lately
It’s had me contemplating
Was my adoration exaggerating?
I haven’t felt much of anything lately
Your touch is painfully vaguely
A light breeze that’s making me shaky
I haven’t felt much of anything lately
A feeling becoming quite shapely
But all the details are hazy
I haven’t felt much of anything lately
Picking poppies and daises
Into a bouquet of maybes
I haven’t felt much of anything lately
I’m fine and then I’ll go a little crazy
Because you’re already somebody’s baby
I haven’t felt much of anything lately
Track Name: High School
And fuck high school
And I think you would say the same
And maybe I’m to blame
I go to the dance
To meet girls in yoga pants
But I don’t stand a chance
I want to go where music is bumping
And get into something
Where I end up humping
Or my blood is pumping
With alcohol or adderall
I think its fucked up when a girl is clearly trying to dress to impress
And her boyfriend coolly says I think you look best in a ponytail and sweats
Track Name: Affection Attention
You’re so hot my glasses start steaming
You’re unreal yeah I feel like I’m dreaming
I don’t care if you’re different
No It makes you that much more interesting
I hope you don’t find me boring
And still want me in the morning
I only exist when you give me attention
I only live when you give me affection

I look at you like I look at nature
In awe my cold blue eyes melt like glaciers
Our fluids mix together colors and flavors
True love plus danger
What is this out of context normal behavior?
You’re like acting like a stranger
I’ll just be seeing you later (I’ll just be seeing you later)

Your lyrics are the same but the progression has changed so I don’t believe you
Track Name: Every Place Is This Place
You’re not my one and only
I just call when I get lonely
I wish I could call my old lover
I cant but I wish I could love her
The connection is there but who cares
cause in the end we’re just friends
Oh God, it happened again
I’m not myself when I’m with you, but that’s okay
Cause I don’t know who I am anyway
And I really, really need to get out this place
Track Name: Every Place Is This Place No. 2
I hate when they say
That tomorrow is just another day
It feels like today’s a waste when it’s put that way
But I guess it’s so true when I live without you
You don’t know where I live
I don’t know where you live
You don’t know what I’m doing
I don’t know who your screwing
I could care less with the weather
Or school or work it all sounds fake
I just want to go to that lake
Where that picnic was ate
And everything was great
But that was yesterday
And yesterday is just a dream
Well you know what I mean
It’s so gone it doesn’t seem like it ever happened
Sometimes I don’t know if it did
It’s like being a kid keeping quiet in his room
Cause he doesn’t know what to do
He doesn’t know the words
So he just yells and he screams ooohs
And he says things that are mean ooooohs
That he doesn’t mean I mean ooooohs
You know what I mean ooooohs
Or maybe you don’t ooooohs
And it would be an awful lie ooooohs
If I said I didn’t hate the guy ooooohs
Who walks with you side by side ooooohs
And gets to hold you when you cry ooooohs
And gets to hear about your day every night
Track Name: Whatever You Want!
If there’s something to laugh about
I want you to tell me now
I might want to stick around
Or I might leave this town
You got whatever you want
You got whatever you want
Try and you’ll get there
Track Name: Three Ways
If I could survive a thousand and one lives
Then I would have died a thousand times
Kissing you hell just staring into your eyes
When I should have been driving
Driving when I should have been kissing
Good intentions are nice and all
But there’s always something missing

I’m driving alone on the highway
Tender and bruised
Smiling awkwardly
This is the love I choose
And if it’s true what you say is true
Then I think you must be an angel
And that’s why I’m not asking why I’m begging
To move from what I’ve been long regretting
Everything I did that was upsetting
But you’re not forgetting
And we are ending (I hope not)

Don’t bother trying to fix something that’s shattered
You’ll only end up beaten and battered
Just to hear that you’ve flattered
The hell out of them
But where does that get you in the end
And if it’s true what you say is true
Then I must be the devil
How many sad boys
Are writing sad songs about you
It’s certainly inevitable
Cause you’re incredible