Dark and Sloppy (2007​-​2010)

by Birthdays

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These songs are old, kind of mean, mostly sad, and poorly produced. Enjoy!


released January 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Birthdays San Francisco, California

Birthdays: Everyone has one. You can relate.

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Track Name: Untitled
all these situations
of trials and tribulations
well congratu-fucking-lations
if thats what you were going for
what's the point in singing songs
if no one is there to help sing along
theres no need for suspense
i've always been in the shadow of my friends
am i supposed to be sitting at home
while youre out on a date
should i shake your fucking hand
should i say, "hey, that's great"
had i known you'd be out so late
i might have left the light on
Track Name: Middle of the Night Song
well i woke up drenched in sweat
in a bed that smelled like death...or sex
and liquor on my breath
and my teeth are rotten, my heads a mess
theres a letter that says 'you tried your best'
and that just makes me fucking stressed
and whats that pounding in my chest
that keeps me up from ever resting
well lets just go on pretending
that none of this is happening
Track Name: It Happened May 24th
i met a girl with purple hair
she had eyes that could kill
and i couldnt help but stare
a face in the crowd, she seemed so rare
she offered me vicodin, she offered me morphine
she offered me acid
said i could hook it up as soon as you ask for it

she filled my cup
she got me drunk
no matter where it was
i wanted her love
she walked me to my car
it didnt go far
she said i had to wait
Track Name: Easy Chords
All my songs have easy chords
Something to play when I get bored
But I would never play them live
Because if nobody liked them I would cry
I would die a little bit inside
And its funny I haven’t written a song in months
All it took was for me to get drunk
And feel like shit
It was just a spark that needed something to fuel it
I don’t remember what happened much
My spirits were high my head was low
I had puke on my shirt puke on the pillow
Puke puke puke on my girlfriend
she stuck it through the end
She washed my hair with shampoo
There wasn’t much she could do
She stuck with me through the fight
She slept on the floor with me that night
Yeah she is more than just alright
In the morning I found my glasses in a pile of leaves
They are the only pair that I have
They were a gift from my dad
I started to feel real bad
I don’t want to drink again
I say that too much this is becoming a trend
But I think that its okay
Sometimes things just work out that way
Like my mom brings up how she held my head out the toilet
I tell her “mom don’t worry about me”
She says “you’re my son I’ll always be”
Track Name: What's There To Do?
youre quoting the songs that i told you about
to describe what youre feeling now
you can swear and you can shout
but you aint going to make me open my mouth
and i letting nothing out
cause i dont know how
im sorry this is who youre with
you probably deserve better than this
and this is how it ends....

.....and i aint romantic like those guys
who holler at you when you walk by
im not that original
one of my biggest faults
my shit's predictable
but what is there to do.
Track Name: Doing the Dishes
I was working for the kitchen
On day three I did the dishes
You walked up that hill but didn’t greet me with kisses
But instead undid my wishes
Held my hand and sat on the floor
It was muddy
You were in shorts
Listened to the beatles
Went back a few tracks and told me the news
But I knew we were through
But theres still hope for part two
We broke rules
She knew how to refuse secrecy I just missed mystery
Hoping you would jump in at night
To sleep with me like the first time
I didn’t know you were mine
When you said you cant
And I said goodbye
But you opened up my lonely eyes
With a stimulating surprise
Of hopping in my bed with your arms
Wrapped around my head
And your tongue through my lips
Filling your wish you said I was yours and you could be mine
The next morning was the first I woke up early for work and drank my coffee
Alone and shared a laugh with some friends
Got drunk with two gay men
Arguing in the front seat
In the back seat was me and three bags of laundry
I hugged them goodbye
Then drove through the night sky
Speeding down the road hit a tree
When I lost control had to run back home
Got help from Sam
A trust worthy man
And ran back home
To catch you alone
Said your place was too messy and went back to my place
You wiped the sweat from my face
And we talked and kissed and spooned and walked
You the home under the moon
So now that youre gone darling I miss you
Track Name: Coffee
A bell to wake you up and a bell tells you when to eat
I’m just waiting for the moon shine so I can finally go to sleep
But I cant sleep im in the dirt under the trees the shuffle of leaves
The winds telling secrets and I can hear them

And ill brew the coffee its crazy being up early
With no noise in the streets no street lights just sun and birds chirping
And ill drink the coffee it pumps my blood it keeps me up
And it helps me forget whatever troubles there was
And I feel like a zombie I don’t sleep I cant sleep
I wish there was more coffee
It keeps me up I feel like I’ve been in a staring contest for the past couple of weeks now

The alarm clock goes off at two in the morning
Once the moon has finally set
Laying by the lake
Staring at space
In a sleeping bag
There are meteors falling through the sky
I wish I was sitting with you
That night
You were always so good at surprise
I expected too much
I fucked up
Track Name: Easy
Everything that happens makes sense
its just that i dont understand it
im tearing away the days on the calendar
but it doesnt make time go any faster
and youre on my mind half the time
the other half is when im sleeping
but im sure then you are creeping
into my brain when im dreaming
and your scent lingering on my pillow
reminds me i am alone
and i am done with being alone
but its really not up to me
im just stating it loudly
and i am done with feeling bad
thinking about the good times we never had
but i still feel sad
and maybe im just not ready
as much as i'd like to go steady
and i contradict myself all the time
and i like it just fine
its so easy to be someone you dont want to be
its so easy to see someone you dont want to see
its so easy to hate someone you dont want to hate
its so easy to love someone you dont want to love
its so easy to love someone you want to hate
Track Name: So Sorry, So Selfish (with Adam)
No one knows what im thinking
when i stay in bed and stare at the ceiling
searching for some secret meaning
behind all of these indifferent feelings
and yeah i know it sounds weird
but when you are near
i wish that i could just disappear
only cause i love it too much when you're here
so sorry, so selfish, you know that i cant help it (X4)
and i can never tell the truth
cause it always hurts you
i do not know what to do
i hate it when you're feeling blue
so sorry, so selfish, you know i cant help it
so sorry im so selfish, i should really do something about it
Track Name: The Letter (demo)
I hate my phone
because you dont miss me
and i hate being alone
when i know you dont miss me
i drove to your house at 2:30 in the morning
im feeling dirty
so im vacuuming the floor
im so lonely
so im drinking some more
my hearts not broken
but i know its sore
i drove to your house at 2:30 in the morning
you were passed out on the couch
he was in the kitchen reading papers from the day before
im so paranoid
i think im crazy
im so disappointing
i should change but im too lazy
i drove to your house at 2:30 in the morning
you were passed out on the couch
he was in the kitchen reading papers from the day before
and we were on your bed but
i was barely on it
i felt dumb so i left at 5:30 in the morning
you wrote me a letter
all it said was 'im sorry'
Track Name: The Letter pt. 2 (with Adam and other Matt)
In a bar
On the boulevard
When it’s just getting dark
I still imagine you
On park avenue
And me driving away
I already forgot the last thing you did say

But I nearly died
When you cried
“I hope you read them every night before you close your eyes!”
I tried to lie
But I can’t do it this time
Come back inside the car

Weapon of mass destruction
My paper to a pen
With every penny spent
To make sure they were properly sent
If I could would I do it all again
I don’t know what good did it do to begin

But now I hate
Letters like
“a, b, c”
because I lost you as easy as
“1, 2, 3”
abc, 123, baby you and me