Cool Guy Motorbike (EP)

by Birthdays

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released July 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Birthdays San Francisco, California

Birthdays: Everyone has one. You can relate.

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Track Name: Was Young
I was young, I was hip hop
I was young, I was punk rock
I was young, I was dream pop
i was I was I was I was
Ima ima ima ima
I’m a little chillwave (oh yeah)
babes a little shoegaze (oh yeah)
We don’t get fazed (no way)
We just get blazed (oh yeah)

Its just that
I have nothing left to sing about anymore
Im not looking for any metaphors
(just Bored)
I’ve been driving round town
(No) I’ve been driving round the city
(No) I’ve been driving round the bay
(All damn day)
now Im out in the crowd
The people wanna hear you play
Yeah I’m standing by the bar
They wanna hear what you have to say
Track Name: Steak
Brock Turner the rapist
is too sad to eat his steak
so we - have to
lick the shit off his plate

Judge Persky the rape apologist
the honorable misogynist
made his decision
He doesn’t want a rapist going to prison

3 months, home for Christmas
with ribeye steak on his wish list

women have a past, rapist have potential
Track Name: March
You caught me
I was the one who punched the nazi

I’m not stupid

just ruthless

talk your shit 

wind up toothless

I question the validity
of your Bipartisan futility

March the streets
break a window
Burn a tree

(fuck your civility)
Track Name: Wandering Mind
I’m not going to be a poor sport

Just tired of the back and forth

I guess you were too

so you moved on, didnt you?

I’d rather get drunk than talk to you

hangovers are temporary, a wandering mind is scary

I love you

but I don’t want to remember
Every sexual endeavor
They were ever so clever
But if our time has been served
These memories should be purged
Or I’ll cry knowing we were never together

never even together

we stuck together through the worst of weather but we were
Never even together
Track Name: Cool Guy Motorbike
we’re selfish with sentiments

monetize our relevance
Try acid, become a socialist

dwelling on what ifs is drowning in hopelessness 

come on, we’re getting high

in the porn store parking lot
Right behind the pizza shop

Cool guy motor bike

Riding through the country side
Night sky no headlights
Cool guy motor bike